Our ingredients are fresh, top-class quality and carefully selected. These features have made our cuisine famous and delicious. Th e Menu of Ristorante Pizzeria Santa Rughe was created thanks to excellent products of Barbagia and nearby villages. After a careful selection, we start to prepare our specialties. At the core of our Menu there are: creativity, passion and high-quality products. That is why appetizers, first courses, meat dishes and desserts are so special to our clients. Depending on season and availability, we offer different types of food. Among several others, we cook ravioli with cheese and wild boast sauce, gnocchetti with fresh ricotta, saffron and mint and “s’erbuzu” (a traditional soup made of wild herbs). And what about our delicious roasted meat and appetizers? They have definitely conquered our clients’ hearts. Santa Rughe is the ideal place to try new typical and local dishes.

The menu cuisine of Gavoi, Nuoro, offers wood-fired pizzas as well. Pizzas are very important to us and we use only genuine, fresh and high-quality products. Finally, speaking of wines, we recommend our clients: red wines, such as “Cannonau agli Igp” and “Igt della Barbagia”; and white ones, such as “Il Vermentino”. In our Restaurant nothing is banal; on the contrary everything is unique, rustic and charming.

Segnaliamo alcune delle specialità preparate dal locale:

  • fried sage tempura, cooked with a typical kind of Sardinian sage
  • “Su cohone ‘un fozza”, local bread made of potatoes from Gavoi. Usually it is cooked by mixing potatoes, flour and water. Baked with a large cabbage leaf 
  • “Pane frattau”, a local dish from Barbagia. Served with Carasau bread, tomato sauce, pecorino and eggs
  • meatballs prepared with Italian ham, balsamic vinegar and pepper
  • “Hasu moddle”, a pecorino cream
  • sweet ravioli with ricotta and honey
  • “Pizza Contadina”, Pizza with fresh sausage, “asizzolu” and rucola (available for lunch as well)
  • roasted pecorino
  • fried “trottelle”

E poi ancora: vellutata di patate, tagliatelle con asparagi, minestra de "hazzau", ravioli di zucca, salsicce e polenta, “sos broculos”: bollito di carne di maiale con patate e cavoli, zuppa di castagne e tanti dolci  particolari.

And many other dishes, such as: cream of porcini mushrooms, Asparagus Tagliatelle, “de hazzau” soup, sausages and polenta, fried specialties, “sos broculus”, chestnut soup. Famous desserts are: “zippulas”, chiacchere, “ruviolos”, crepes with cocoa, tiramisu cream with cinnamon and coffee.

All of you will always remember our cordiality and hospitality and, we are sure that, Santa Rughe special dishes will remain in your hearts.